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What are administrative responsibilities?

Administrative responsibilities are diverse. The answer to the question “What are administrative duties?” will most likely vary depending on the function. Secretaries’ and administrative assistants’ resumes, for example, will list duties that are similar but slightly different from those listed on an office assistant’s CV.

Administrative tasks and responsibilities are primarily concerned with the upkeep of an office. These tasks will vary depending on the industry and the size of each company. Most of these responsibilities include linked to office support, and include phone, email, and calendar management, internal communications, report preparation, office equipment, and supplies maintenance, and some human resources functions.

Administrative tasks, responsibilities, and responsibilities by category

Administrative assistants are typically in charge of administrative chores. They associate multiple tasks and obligations with the position as a support function for offices and/or senior managers and executives.

To help you visualize the large and varied spectrum of administrative activities, we’ve split down the fundamental administrative assistant duties into categories.

Tasks involving communication

A vital soft skill for any administrative professional is communication. Those in administrative positions must be able to communicate effectively with other employees, senior staff, and clients through a variety of methods, including email, phone, and face-to-face encounters.

The following are the most frequent communication and administrative skills:

Returning phone calls and responding to emails
Client and guest greetings
interacting with upper management and other coworkers
Answering questions from customers
Business letters of all kinds
Compiling reports, memoranda, faxes, and other papers are examples of written communication.
Internal communications: creating and disseminating
Solving problems in the office with problem-solving skills